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Our community has drastically changed the life of hundreds to thousands of people. From finding the best details and discounts for our retail/online arbitradge leads. To connecting members to some of the top most exclusive wholesalers in the game right now!


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Discover multiple lucrative product leads released daily, offering impressive ROI’s ranging from 30% to over 100%.


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Stay ahead with our frequent coaching calls, showcasing successful Amazon sellers earning significant weekly revenue and seven-figure annual income. Recordings for easy review.


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Kickstart your Amazon FBA journey with our comprehensive plan, ensuring profitability within your first month. Benefit from weekly guides, tools, and interactive calls to support your progress.


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Gain access to private wholesale leads, unlocking the potential for tens of thousands of dollars in monthly profit. Valuable guides and information are provided to all members.


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Access in-house guides that enable passive savings and earnings through credit cards and cashback tools. Empower your Online Arbitrage inventory with our Virtual Credit Card guides.


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Become proficient in Retail Arbitrage, Wholesale, Private Label, and Online Arbitrage with our expert guides and comprehensive information. Regardless of your available capital, success awaits you.

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Here at Flip The System, the ultimate Amazon FBA education Discord server that empowers entrepreneurs with the skills to thrive as successful Amazon sellers. With expert guidance and cutting-edge resources, we’re here to elevate your Amazon FBA journey to unprecedented heights.

Discover profitable leads daily and weekly coaching calls led by top Amazon sellers, ensuring your success in this dynamic marketplace. Our Full First Month Guided Course guarantees profitable results within your first month, while our Private Wholesale Info and Providers open doors to lucrative opportunities.

Maximize your finances with our Credit Card, Cashback & Virtual Credit Card Guides, and master all Amazon selling niches, from Retail Arbitrage to Online Arbitrage. Join Flip the System now and revolutionize your Amazon FBA experience. Empower your success with us!

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The most frequently asked questions

Amazon FBA is one of the most underrated ways to make money through e-commerce. Essentially, you are purchasing items from either manufacturers (US Based So shipping isn’t insane) AND or through various websites that we will post and alert you should purchase from to find a good product, aka a Lead.

Well, for starters, we will almost never tell you to run into these other stores and start scanning products (like most other people will tell you). It’s 1. WAYY too saturated, and 2. TOO time-consuming. Instead, we provide a way better alternate route and post directly into specific discord channels when we find a profit lead. On top of that, our constant support alone is worth way more than anyone else trying to educate you on a market like Amazon. We will go as far as calling your phone number to get you to set up and make sure you turn out like our more profitable students.

YEP – Here’s how: Thanks to our private prep center partnership, you can remotely ship all your profitable products straight to their warehouse for a small fee, and they will handle all the prep work for you. This includes taping, boxing, labeling, shipping, and removes all the hassles that Amazon FBA may come with when trying to balance being a full-time student. Our 24/7 Team will happily assist you and fully walk you through the prep center onboarding process in order to guarantee and easy and fast way to start scaling your amazon business.

YEP! We provide just as much value for users who have already been selling on Amazon, and we cater to everyone from novice to expert-level sellers. Whether it’s Amazon tools that can improve your selling, better and bigger leads/profit margins, tax benefits, credit card hacks, private manufacturer connections, or pretty much anything else, we are confident that you will fall in love with our Amazon family.

So although you can start at any amount of money, it’s highly recommended that starting off you have at least $1000 -> $2000 Minimum. Ideally, $3000 -> $5000 is PERFECT because with our leads, you will be profiting at least 0.3 – 0.5x on the money you put in because usually, our leads are 30 -> 60% ROI on investments. Meaning with 1000, you’ll most likely only make $500 profit that month, which isn’t horrible but could be way more. IF YOU HAVE LESS THAN $1000, DO NOT PURCHASE A SUBSCRIPTION; you will struggle. But if you have more than that, your Amazon business will be cash-flowing positively and will rise in profit month over month.